Community Survey

Implemented in 2009, the Baltimore Community Survey aims to identify trends in behavior and attitudes regarding the quality of life indicators and City services. Survey results are used to inform and enhance program planning and policy development across all City agencies, to create more focused, responsive, and efficient government services.

The survey was conducted by phone in both English and Spanish and lasted about 16 to 20 minutes. A representative sample of 1,800 Baltimore citizens responded to the survey. This large sample size means that the city-wide results are statistically valid within a margin of error of +/-2.3%. In other words, you could survey every single person in the City and the results would be very similar.

The City is currently working on reimplementing the Baltimore Community Survey on a bi-annual basis.

2015 Survey Documents
2015 Report Card to Residents
2015 Citizen Survey Report

2014 Survey Documents
2014 Citizen Survey Report

2013 Survey Documents
2013 Online Citizen Survey Report
2013 Citizen Survey Report

2012 Survey Documents
2012 Citizen Survey Report
2012 Citizen Survey
2012 Online Survey Report
2012 Citizen Survey Brochure

2011 Survey Documents
2011 Citizen Survey Results Brochure
2011 Baltimore Citizen Survey report
2011 Online Survey Report
2011 Citizen Survey Brochure
2011 Survey Data Crosstabs
2011 Survey Data Frequencies

2010 Survey Documents
2010 Survey Report
2010 Baltimore Citizen Survey in mail format

2009 Survey Documents
2009 Survey Report
2009 Baltimore Citizen Survey in mail format

Baltimore Citizen Survey data is available in STATA or SPSS formats by emailing the department here