Economic and Fiscal Reports

While preparing and analyzing the City's budget, the Bureau of Budget and Management Research (BBMR) considers the economic health of the City. BBMR has historically produced Economic Indicator reports that were created jointly with the Baltimore Development Corporation. In 2024, BBMR launched a new Economic Indicator Report Dashboard which incorporates dynamic live data into the report for real time updates. 

This dashboard is maintained by the City of  Baltimore's Bureau of the Budget and Management Research . Our office compiles economic data relating to key indicators that provide insights for businesses, policymakers, and residents alike. While the data refreshes daily, the narrative content is updated quarterly. 

Economic Indicators Report Dashboard

This report focuses on key indicators, including topics such as:

  • Labor Force Indicators: tracking unemployment rates, labor force participation, and weekly wage trends in Baltimore City.
  • Real Estate Market: insights into residential sales (by volume and prices) and an overview of commercial vacancy rates (by type of space).
  • Demand Based Indicators: analyzing economic activity by examining sales tax receipts in Baltimore City and tracking hotel room demand, prices, and occupancy rates.
  • Interest Rates: analyzing factors that influence borrowing and investment within the wider economy.
  • Gross Domestic Product  (GDP): an overview of the City's economic output in relation to the wider Baltimore Metro Area and State.

For previous Economic Indicator Reports, please download the zip file