Lean Government in Baltimore

Governments everywhere are struggling with deficits and rising costs.  All over the country, jurisdictions find themselves needing to do more with less.  In order to confront this dilemma, many public officials have started looking at the government processes to evaluate wasteful, inefficient, and unnecessary steps.  

Lean Government emphasizes making government more efficient, responsive, and satisfying to citizens and employees alike while simultaneously respecting individuals and changing the way people think about government.  

In Fiscal 2013, the City launched its Lean Government Initiative with the purpose of evaluating City processes and making tangible improvements that result in greater efficiency and better customer service.

Through the Lean Government initiative, the City initiated a culture shift that empowered employees to think dynamically, work toward continuous improvement, and ensure Baltimore’s municipal processes are adding value for residents. The initiative was comprised of two programs: 

Lean Government in Baltimore

By clicking the Process Improvement Events link on the lefthand menu, you can explore results of past Lean Government events in Baltimore. 

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