Innovation Fund

About the Fund

Born out of the Outcome Budgeting process, the City of Baltimore’s Innovation Fund started in Fiscal 2012. The purpose of the fund is to provide seed money for one-time investments that will lead to improved results, increased revenue, and/or reduced ongoing operating costs for City services.

The Innovation Fund is meant to be self-sustaining; savings from the investments are returned to the Fund so that other projects may be funded.

Continuing this Fund is one way to keep City agency heads and staff focused on innovation and spur creative solutions on how to use our limited resources.

Applying for a loan

Funds are awarded through a competitive process among City agencies, Fiscal 2017 Innovation Fund Guidance Document below.

As a result of a Lean Government Process Improvement, the Innovation Fund application process is now two-fold to assist agencies in submitting high-quality proposals that meet the award criteria:

Step 1:  Agencies requesting Innovation Fund monies will need to submit a proposal with a detailed description of their innovative project idea, Fiscal 2017 Innovation Fund Idea Application below. This proposal will be reviewed by the Innovation Fund Coordinator who will determine if the project proposed is innovative, sustainable, collaborative, and customer-focused.

Step 2: If the proposal meets the initial criteria, agencies will participate in the second step of the application process, which involves planning and detailing the financial and performance aspects of the project. In this step, the Innovation Fund Coordinator will assist the agency representative with the financial application. Upon completion, agencies will present the full proposal to the Innovation Fund Committee.

Innovation Fund Contact

Kirsten C. Silveira, Government Innovation Analyst
P: 410-396-4965 | [email protected]


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