Executive Summary for the Fiscal 2020 Recommended Budget Available Now

The Fiscal 2020 recommended budget totals $3.55 billion across all funding sources, including $2.9 billion for operating expenses and $627.5 million for capital investment. The General Fund budget totals $1.9 billion, a 3.2% increase from the Fiscal 2019 Adopted Budget.

The Fiscal 2020 budget includes new funding for an ambitious Community Development Plan, as well as funding to begin delivery of the City’s Information Technology (IT) modernization plan.  On the Public Safety side, the Police budget includes investments in technology and equipment, the professionalization of critical administrative functions, and savings from a more efficient Patrol schedule.  These key changes are the first step to modernizing the Police Department and beginning a path to compliance with the federal consent decree. 

In addition to new investments, the budget maintains core City services, completes a three-year commitment to City Schools, and reaches a significant milestone in the City’s property tax reduction efforts.  This year the City will meet its 20 cents by 2020 goal, which has reduced the effective property tax rate for owner-occupied properties by 8.9% versus 2012, saving the average taxpayer over $300 annually.

View the Executive Summary of the Fiscal 2020 Recommended Budget here.

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