Administrative Manual

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AM 203-4-1: City of Baltimore Cancer Screening Program
AM 203-4: Permission Time for Cancer Screening
AM 203-4: Permission Time for Cancer Screening
AM 203-5-1: Reasonable Accommodation Request Form
AM 203-5: Reasonable Accommodations
AM 204-1 (Pt1): Holidays, Part I
AM 204-1 (Pt2): Holidays, Part II: Observance of Election Days
AM 204-1 (Pt3): Holidays, Part III: Holiday Compensation
AM 204-10: Job-Related Injury and Illness
AM 204-11-1: Military Leave of Absence Form
AM 204-11-2: Military Leave Testing Procedures
AM 204-11-3: Acknowledgement of Military Leave
AM 204-11-4: Employee Checklist for Military Deployment
AM 204-11-5: Continuation of Benefits While on Military Leave
AM 204-11-6: Agency HR Checklist
AM 204-11-7: Reemployment Notification Form
AM 204-11: Military Leave
AM 204-13: Time Off By Executive Order
AM 204-13: Time off By Executive Order
AM 204-14: Sick Leave